I started the day at 7am with the horrible beeping from my crazy borrowed alarm clock.  It has a mind of its own, and I can’t quite figure the thing out.  Anyway, it worked today at the proper time, and I headed out to the barn to feed Gus.  Elissa wanted me to do a flat ride on Gus at 8am and then do a jump school at 11am.  At least that was the plan.

I had a better ride than yesterday, but Gus was doing some weird things in his back end.  He kept taking stabbing steps with his back left, and also kicked out several times on that leg.  When I got him back to the barn to untack him, his back was extremely sore and nearly untouchable.  I have been worried about his hocks for a couple of weeks, and I just assumed he needed to be injected.  I called Elissa to tell her that I wouldn’t be taking my lesson at 11.  I called Dr. Specht to see if he could come out to do injections today, and they said they would get back to me with a time.

Murphy's barn
Murphy’s barn

In the meantime, I went out to Murphy’s barn to ride him for the first time in Florida.  I took him for a walk around the jump field and in the dressage arena.  He was busy watching the horses gallop on the track next door, but he didn’t seem bothered by it.  It’s nice that his stall faces the track, and he can watch them all day.  Sort of like horse television.

He was a bit high today at first, but after taking a small walk around the farm I was able to get on him.  We had a decent first ride, and I ended the morning by reminding him how to behave like a big boy in the wash rack.  He is starting to look cuter and cuter.  I hope to try to jump some crossrails tomorrow, and begin to introduce him some verticals later this week.

Not thrilled about the bath
Not thrilled about the bath

After my ride, I went to T & T to buy some new clippers.  I still had 1/4 of a horse to clip after yesterday’s clipper debacle.  I also stopped at the BP to get some gas and a bag of pretzels.  My DIET DR PEPPER 🙁  hit the spot (not really), and I headed back to bring in Gus and get ready for the vet.

Dr. Specht got there at 3:30pm and did a full inspection on Gus.  I pretty much learned the following…..

3 out of 4 feet are sore (or at least responded positively to the hoof testers)

His back is sore in multiple places

His hocks may also be sore



So…….I am to treat his hooves first and see what happens.  I am to give him bute.   I am to ride lightly over the next few days.  I am to call a spine specialist vet to check out his back.  I am to stay in touch with Dr. Specht and see how it goes.  I am more than likely NOT going to be showing this weekend.  We will discuss injections at a later date.


Looks like Murphy and I will be spending a lot of time together this week.

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