Finally settled…..

Murphy at Ocala west....before the move
Murphy at Ocala west….before the move

Today was yet another crazy day.   It started out with a quick trip to the gas station for some bananas and a diet tea.  I’ve decided that while I’m down here I might as well shed a few (or 20!) pounds.

I ate one banana, and then headed to Ocala west to feed and water Murphy.

After that, I went to the other farm to feed and water Gus.  I had been scouting out a place to run nearby, and I finally found one that wasn’t on a dangerous highway.  While Gus ate I took a 45 minute walk/jog.  I am SOOOOOO out of shape.   I changed into breeches when I got back and took Gus on what was supposed to be a quiet “hack” at Jon and Jen’s.  Yeah, right.   The plan was to do a light hack in the morning and then a flat ride in the afternoon.  What happened was just a regular ride.  He didn’t have a quiet hack in him today.

When we got back to his barn I gave him the first bath of the season, and then turned him out to roll.  He didn’t break his halter today, although he was seriously contemplating the whole thing.

While Gus was outside, I hooked up my trailer for the big move.  Murphy was headed to a different farm, and I had a bunch of stuff to move……again.  The new farm is fantastic!  I love the layout of the barn, the riding areas, and the people.  If I take clients and their horses to Florida next year, it will definitely be the place to go!  Murphy has a beautiful stall and his own huge pasture.  Tomorrow I will ride him for the first time……in between my 2 rides on Gus.

I got back to bring Gus in and bath him again before I began his clip job……which looks like a blind man did it.  My clippers are broken, and I think I could have done a neater job with a machete.  Tomorrow I will have to go buy a new set….depressing.

Gus getting clipped
Gus getting clipped
Murphy at Ocala west
Murphy at Ocala west
Murphy's new farm !!!!
Murphy’s new farm !!!!
Murphy's field.....heaven,
Murphy’s field…..heaven,
Murphy's new stall
Murphy’s new stall

FLORIDA! Day 1 ish

Yesterday is pretty much a blur.  Jeff and I left our farm at 1am Friday morning and headed south.  We made it to Ocala at about 6pm and spent the rest of the evening dropping off horses and unloading some things from the trailer.  We made it back to Elissa’s apartment just in time to go to bed.

This morning while I took care of Gus at his barn, Jeff ran down to Ocala West to feed and water Murphy.  We got the trailers unpacked and organized the feed area at Gus’s farm.  Jeff and I left for the airport at noon, just after Gus had been turned out for his 12pm-5pm turnout time.  He was as high as a kite, and as I tried to unhook his leadrope from his halter, he yanked backward…..ripping his halter…..sending his “hannibal lector” basket flying about his head.  He ran from me with it banging him in the face for about 10 minutes.  Nice.

I dropped Jeff off at the airport and ran back to bring Gus in, feed him, and attach his basket to another halter.

Then I headed to Ocala West to feed and turn out Murphy.  He was great….unlike his evil twin.   While he was outside, I chatted with a girl about eventing, cleaned my stall, and packed up a few things.   I brought him in eventually, and I spent some time grooming him before I had to leave.

I then met with a lady who owns a farm next door to Ocala West.  I signed a boarding contract with her tonight and will be moving Murphy tomorrow.  The new farm will be much better for my situation right now, and it is full care!  That means I will have about 3 trips less a day to that farm!  Can’t beat it.

I’m exhausted.  Tomorrow I will ride for the first time, and it could be interesting.


Missing my kids…..Kate and I have been texting all day, which is lots of fun! Wade lost his first tooth, and I was still home to see it!



Jeff on the way to the airport......smiling because he's getting the heck outta dodge!
Jeff on the way to the airport……smiling because he’s getting the heck outta dodge!
My really great roommates had my room all ready for me, and even had a candle burning !
My really great roommates had my room all ready for me, and even had a candle burning !
Gus and Murphy at the Florida agricultural check point
Gus and Murphy at the Florida agricultural check point

Gus...looking all innocent after breaking his halter and running away from me
Gus…looking all innocent after breaking his halter and running away from me
Gus's home for six weeks
Gus’s home for six weeks
Gus's stall
Gus’s stall