Rocking Horse 1—-sore, sore, and more sore

Today was dressage day at Rocking Horse 1.  Gus was originally entered in the Preliminary division, but due to some overall soreness issues (still unexplained), I decided to bump him down to training level until we figured out what was going on with him.  Yesterday he jumped well and seemed 100% sound with just a soreness in his back.  This morning he was worse, and his dressage was not good.  He was such a good boy, and though I knew he was sore, he did his best.  We ended up with 36  (64%) which landed us in 12th out of 24 riders.  I was extremely happy with how well he did, considering the back soreness.   After he was done with his test, Jenn (a massage therapist/one of my roommates/from Kentucky) worked on his back for an hour and stretched him out.  She said that she thought he was sore in his left hock.  That’s what I have been thinking all along, but we have not yet been able to rule out some other things.  Dr. Specht is coming back out on Monday to do a full lameness evaluation on him so that we can finally inject him if that’s the problem.  Tomorrow I will try to ride my stadium course.  If he is fine in the stadium, I will take him out xc.  The course is so much smaller than what he’s been jumping, that I hope it will be easy for him even if he’s sore.  We’ll see how it goes.  I have to get up at 4:30am tomorrow to get ready to leave for Altoona.    Bedtime.

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