Thursday…..jumping day for Gus!

Gus after his lesson
The dressage arena at Murphy's barn
The dressage arena at Murphy’s barn

Today we had our first lesson.  The goal was to do a stadium lesson and then make our way to some cross country fences.  He jumped really well, and after we did our coursework, we headed to the water complex.  Gus handled everything like a superstar!  His back was sore after the ride, and I spent the afternoon icing his back and legs to make sure he would be ok for this weekend’s show.  According to the vet, he may just be sore due to the long trailer trip.  He is not handling it quite as well as he did in his younger days.

I ride dressage tomorrow and jump both phases on top of each other Saturday.  I’m thrilled with my decision to bump him down to training level for this show.  Neither one of us is ready to do a preliminary after having only jumped once since November.  I’m looking forward to having fun this weekend.  Hopefully his back will hold up and we will get to finish the show.

Murphy had the day off today.  I went out to see him for awhile and to check on his eye which is almost completely back to normal.  I will take a jumping lesson on him on Sunday.  I can’t wait !

The jump field at Murphy's barn
The jump field at Murphy’s barn


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