I started the day today by going back to T & T (for the 3rd time since I’ve been here)  to pick up medicine for Gus’s feet.  $45 later I was out the door with a supposedly fantastic hoof drying medicine.  I headed off to Gus’s barn to feed and apply his hoof medicine.  While he ate, I took a run in the neighborhood across the street from Jon and Jenn Holling’s.  When I got back from my run I changed into my breeches and got ready to tack him up.  Elissa called and wanted me to stop over at the dressage arena to check Gus’s feet for a digital pulse.  If he was footsore he should have a digital pulse.  He didn’t.  What he did have, however, was a whole lot of crazy.   I barely got him as he spun and hopped like an idiot.  He has been insane since we’ve been here, and all of the jumping activity over at the Hollings is just a bit too much.

He felt sound at the trot, but he did feel a little strange in the canter to the left.  I wasn’t sure if it was the personality issues or the sore back or the supposedly sore feet or the hocks.  You pick.  My vote is on his winning personality and the hocks…..all of which is left to be determined.   After about 20 minutes of non stop fun, I ended up having to get off of him to get him back across to the other farm.  The alternative was not going to be good.  How old is he???????  11 years (at least) past stupid.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that his back wasn’t quite as sore as it was yesterday.  I turned him out, grabbed my saddle, and headed off to see Murphy.

On my way out of the barn, Kerryann (the owner of the barn where Murphy is staying) texted me to say that his eye was more swollen today.  It has been  a  little bit drippy for the last 2 days, so before went out to ride him today I stopped in at T & T AGAIN to pick up some eye ointment.   A lot of the horses from the north have had eye problems this winter, so I am not extremely worried about it at this time.

I jumped Murphy today over some small crossrails.  He was very distracted, but eventually got down to business.  He was really good considering the jump field is a stone’s throw from the track next door.  He got a bit excited when the thundering hooves came galloping by, but after an initial reaction, he was over it.   I put him back out and went back to Gus.

Gus came inside and got fed, reblanketed, and got all of his gear off.   Tomorrow I will do another actual ride on him.  Thursday we are going to jump.  Elissa has decided to push him a bit to see if he will present his true issues.  If we can get his hock to show issues, then Dr. Specht will be able to inject him if need be.

And the saga with Gus continues………………………..

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