Today was a long day.  Due to the fact that Dr. Specht was coming to do a lameness evaluation on Gus, I had to reschedule the whole morning to make sure he got ridden before his appointment.  I fed, ran, rode, and had Gus ready for his appointment at 11:30.  Dr. Specht was a little late to get there, and by the time he flexed him, watched him lunge, and made a decision to inject both of his hocks, it was almost 1.  The assistant scrubbed him and Dr. Specht sedated him to get ready.  After his injections, I ran to get some lunch before I had to come back to check on him.  He got his late lunch, and then I had time to catch most of Elissa’s dressage lesson with Jon Holling.  Her 3* horse, Cooper, is extremely talented, but very hot.  He looked like a difficult ride, and my favorite moment of the whole entire day came when Jon Holling (one of the best riders in the country at the moment ) said,

” He gets an “A” for effort today, the poor bastard”.

I’m not quite sure what he meant by that, but I nearly fell off of my chair when I heard it.  After the lesson, I went to ride Murphy.  Our homework for the next few days is to jump a million crossrails at the trot.  His confidence is very weak when it comes to jumping from the trot, and he would much prefer to canter fences.  On Thursday I’ll take another lesson with Elissa, and she wants him to be a trotting superstar by then so that we can do some more elaborate gymnastics.  He dressage is coming along nicely, and we are working toward strengthening his hind left.

Tomorrow Gus is allowed to go on a long walk.  Thursday he can do walk/trot work.  Friday he can do a full on dressage ride.  Saturday Elissa wants to take some of us to Longwood for a xc schooling.  If you would like to see the fantastic farm where the US Eventing Team does many mandatory outtings, you can check out their website www.longwoodfarmsouth.com.



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