Wednesday——a good day for both boys

Today was a good day for both of my boys.  The morning started out a little differently with Gus’s new turnout schedule.  He was out by 8am, and I went down to the local diner to get a hot chocolate and work on my computer for awhile before my run.  It was really cold here today……..35 degrees when I woke up!  (you are all probably cursing me right now for even thinking to say that to you)

I went on my run after that.  Major soreness has begun to set in at this point.  I am riding and running, and walking more now than I have since November, and it’s taking its toll!

Gus came in at 12 to get his feet medicated and get tacked up.  He was great today, and I actually had a productive ride with no craziness.  His back was still a little sore, but not as sore as it was on Monday.   Tomorrow I’ll take a jumping lesson with Elissa.  I decided to switch my entries for  this weekend’s  show to training level just in case Gus is having hock issues.  We will decide after this weekend if he is having any further physical problems.

Murphy was exhausted today.  He is being turned out from 9am-4pm, and I had to literally drag him to the barn to be groomed and tacked up.   His eye was still puffy today but not nearly as runny.  I believe he slept while I brushed him, and itwas  a welcome change.  The sand and the sun and the 7 hours of turn out had turned my wild young thoroughbred into a lazy mule.  I nearly needed spurs today to get him woken up enough to trot, but once we started jumping he was a bit more forward.  We cantered a few crossrails and then did a whole course of crossrails, and he was very good.  He stood well for his bath….because he was far too tired to be antsy.    Tomorrow will be a light dressage day, Friday he will have the day off while I am at the show, and then I will ride him after my show on Saturday.  Sunday I’ll take a jumping lesson on him with Elissa.  I’m really looking forward to hearing what she has to say about him.    It will probably determine what I do with him over the next few months.  Goodnight.  I have a dressage test to study.

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