Having an amazing day today ……

Today has been an exciting day!  It started out with morning chores and some shopping, followed by trot sets and a fantastic gallop.  Gus is quite full of himself while he is galloping these days, and at times it feels like his front end is gonna fly right off the ground.  He’s doing better than ever.

The Holling farm was quiet today because all of Jon’s students went to Pine Top for a show.  Elissa was riding advanced there this weekend and is having a great show so far.  Her dressage score was a 40, and she had a clean cross country ride.  I’m not sure if she had any time penalties.  Tomorrow she does show jumping.    The weekend of March 9th, she will go to Red Hills to try to get her last qualifying score for Rolex 2013.  We are all extremely excited for her!

Murphy had the day off today, but tomorrow he will have a hard dressage ride after the vet comes to do his health certificate.  Gus will be off tomorrow.



Today I bought 2 new project horses!  I found them last night on a website, watched their videos, and by the time the night was over, I had convinced multiple people to get in on the craziness.  Jeff loaned me a check for a deposit and Jessica scheduled a trip to Lexington.  Today,  Jessica rode them both and called to tell me they were exactly what we had been looking for.  By the time the day at the barn was over, I was the owner of two new chestnut geldings!  I am sooooo excited to get home and pick them up.    Pictures and details to come soon.





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