XC schooling…….

Kelli and I headed to Kentucky on Friday morning with a trailer full of horses.  The three traveled well together, and the trip went very smoothly.

Murphy was the first one to do his lesson, and he was extremely quiet and well behaved at the trailer, on the lunge line, and in his warm up flat work.  I was very pleased with how well he handled the new surroundings.  He was excellent for his lesson, jumping nicely around all of the baby starter and starter fences.  He has improved greatly on the flat, and his form over fences was even better than it was in Florida.

Mia was the next to go.  I brought her down to Masterson Friday only because Emerson was slightly off.  I had never been on her before, and she had only been ridden twice here since I brought her home three weeks ago.  She was very good at the trailer getting tacked up, and was surprisingly independent when we left the 2 boys at the trailer.  I lunged her briefly, and then did some flatwork with her to make sure I had brakes out in the wide open field.  She has lovely gaits, and I thoroughly enjoyed her.   We jumped a few cross rails before moving on to the xc fences.  She jumped well, and Elissa had me do the same course I had just ridden with Murphy.  She was an absolute blast, and I didn’t want to get off of her!

Gus was next.  It was only the 3rd time I had ridden him since he’s been home from Florida, and the first time I had jumped him in 7 weeks.  It felt so nice to be back on my old friend 🙂  We did a stadium lesson out in the field, and ended on a few really nice Intermediate height fences.  This Friday I will head back down to Elissa’s for another jump school before Sunday’s xc schooling at Flying Cross.

The plan was for Elissa to evaluate two of my 3 young horses to determine which she thinks I should keep as a potential upper level prospect.  She feels that at this time, between Mia and Murphy, that Mia is the one that will eventually event at the higher level.  Elissa thinks that Murphy is wonderful, pretty, and trained well enough now to  be extremely rideable for most people.   Unfortunately, that means that he will be for sale .  It makes me very sad to know that I will need to sell him.  Time is the main factor in this decision because Gus has only a few years left to compete at the upper levels, and I need to have my next horse doing training level before the end of Gus’s career.  So far, Emerson and Mia may be candidates.  Time will tell.

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