Camp Wetherbrooke

Day one at our first “Camp Wetherbrooke”…….
Fort building, games, crafts, and prizes. It was a great day!






A ride to remember……….

This weekend was my last show with my eventing partner of 7 years. Augustus (aka “Slewpy Dewpy”) came into my life in March of 2006, while I was extremely pregnant with Wade. Gus was an extremely difficult horse to figure out, but the most athletic and talented horse I have ever ridden. It has been a privilege to have been his rider for these last several years. He came to me as an unshown 9 year old with talent, and together we have put in miles at the beginner novice, novice, training, preliminary, one star, and intermediate levels. He has even let me experience jumping fences set at the advanced level height. My hopes for him to be sound and ready to do Rolex in 2015 have recently been shattered due to the fact he is beginning to show his age. Gus is slowing down and seems to be tired from his years pushing up the levels. He has given me his all and has carried me safely around more courses that I can count. It is with great happiness that I can say he is sound and happy after his last cross country ride and a 3rd place finish. He will spend remaining days here at Wetherbrooke Farm cribbing and eating, stopping occasionally to teach someone the ropes on a novice course.

As we crossed the finish line after our last gallop together, tears streamed down my face. I patted him on the neck………My good and faithful partner, my friend, my teammate, my companion……the one to whom God gave wings as eagles…… Gus.

It was a long walk back to the barn, but I savored each and every step.

Thank you, Gus. It has been a fantastic journey.