Shows coming up!!!

We will be attending the dressage show at greenstone on August 10 cytotec pills buy online. If you are interested, I need to know by tomorrow at the latest. A last second chance for us to attend has presented itself, but I need numbers ASAP.

I hope to have a Wetherbrooke Farm combined test sometime this fall. I will get back with u about dates very soon!

Welcome, “Woodrow F. Call” !

Today, on my drive home from the “west” , I made it official. The new horse’s name shall be”Woodrow F.Call” after one of the greatest book characters of all time. It may seem like a slightly ridiculous name for my upper level hopeful, but I found it very fitting. Augustus and Woodrow were the greatest of friends in the novel Lonesome Dove, and I think it will be true at Wetherbrooke Farm as well. Today is my dad’s birthday, and I think he would be honored to know that I named my two best horses after his two favorite cowboys.

My new horse……coming home soon!

Tonight we drove to Kentucky to see what I was hoping would turn out to be my next upper level horse. He was really quiet, extremely forward, teachable , and cute. He was very enjoyable to ride with three nice gaits and a big jump. Elissa has been working with him over the last few weeks and has been very pleased with him.

The farm itself was absolutely spectacular, and it was worth the drive just to see the place. I put a deposit down on him and will get to bring him home sometime this weekend or next week. Elissa already has a plan for us which involves one starter in August , Kentucky Classic at beginner novice, and a novice in October. Looks like we are back on the path to crazy town.

I looked up his pedigree on the way home. Gus’s sire “Slewpy” is the new horse’s grand sire …….which makes Gus his uncle…….how cool is that?