Erie hunt and saddle club horse trials





The show at in Erie, Pennsylvania went very well last weekend.  Woodrow was making his debut as an event horse.  Quinn was doing novice at a new venue.  Both horses did very well and accomplished what they were there to accomplish.   Quinn put in a “lightning fast” dressage test, but totally redeemed herself with her two best jumping phases to date.  Elizabeth was pleased with both jumping phases, and did a fantastic job on a difficult and new xc track.

Woodrow was relaxed and sane from the beginning of the weekend to the end.  Although he was somewhat unable to steer in the dressage, had some distracted baby moments in the stadium, and had one stop at the ditch (which should never have been on a starter course!) , I could not have been more pleased with his behavior and work ethic.

He was brave, bold, willing, and quiet all weekend long.   For a horse that went from a field to a show ring in about one month, he proved himself to be a fantastic eventing prospect.  I cannot wait to see where this horse will be by this time next year!!!

Elizabeth and I both ended up in 10th place.

Dressage show success!!







The girls and their horses did very well today! Jenna and Cavalier brought home a first and a fourth place. Kate and Snick won a third and fifth place ribbon. Lauren won a second and a third place ribbon.

Woodrow was very good and well behaved at the show. He was not competing for ribbons, but his scores would have placed him very well in both classes. 67.1%and 61.5%. He will be a fantastic partner…..just as soon as his steering gets better!!

Great day at the show!!!

Today was a fantastic day for all three Wetherbrooke Farm horses and riders. Morgan and Kelli competed in the starter combined test while Kate did a dressage show with her new horse.

Morgan and Ike came in first place, while Kelli and Cavalier placed third out of 18 riders. Both girls and their horses were very good in the dressage phase and double clear in the jumping phase.

Snick was an absolute angel at his first show! He scored a 60% and a 61% in his intro a and b dressage tests. We were very proud of him and look forward to seeing what this horse will do with a few more show under his belt!

Congratulations, girls!!!





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