The Happenings around Wetherbrooke

The summer has been a busy one.   Though it was not the summer I had expected to have, it has been the one I have needed.  Gus has spent the summer jumping beginner novice fences—-getting ready for his first show with Sara coming up in less than 2 weeks!  Kate and Snick have been to 3 shows together are getting ready to make their Kentucky Horse Park debut in October.   It has been fun to watch the two of them get to know each other over the past 5 months.  Woodrow is doing very well in his training.  The dressage is coming along nicely, and he is in the process of learning to jump fences at the canter.  We will be doing Starter at Jumpstart, which will give me a little bit more time to get him jumping more confidently from the canter before moving up to BN.  I look for him to do a few Beginner Novices and move right on up the levels.  I never thought that I would say it, but he is much more talented and athletic than my beloved Gus.

Jeff and I have been training for a half marathon, which has taken over much of my life.  We are currently running 5 days per week, ending each weekend with a long run.  This Sunday will be 7 miles……uggh.   It is making me sore and miserable most of the time, but I am excited that I have been able to train well up to this point. 

We have done a number of large projects over the course of the last few months.  Bulldozer work and several truckloads of gravel have made it possible for us to fix our manure path for winter.   We have high hopes that we will not have to have a manure pile behind the barn this winter.

The South barn has been under construction off and on for a couple of years.  We now have 5 completely new stalls with windows; a brand new tack room with 5 individual cubbies, a viewing window for watching lessons, a ceiling fan, and shelves; a new sliding door opening to the south side of the property (in the works!); and a completely new barn wall on the east side of the barn!  Thank you, Jeff, Justin, Jim, and Phil!!

The sawdust barn door has seen better days.  With wind beating it daily, it finally fell off of its track.  Thanks to my friend, Phil, the door has been reconstructed and is ready to be hung.  Thanks, Phil!!!

The Barn Bash is coming soon, and I have been busy painting the new barn wall, some of the old walls, and the badly peeling barn doors.  We will be looking like a new place by October!

With the break in my showing this summer, I have had a lot of time to  watch soccer and golf.  On Friday I get to volunteer for “Apple Day” in Wade’s class.  It has been a great thing to have some time to get things done around the farm and the house.



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