Octoberfest…….a huge success!

It was a chilly weekend at the Kentucky Horse Park, but we all accomplished what we had set out to do.

Kelli and Kate put in 4 very nice dressage tests on Holly and Snick. Both horses were absolute angels all weekend long, allowing their riders to have nothing but smiles on their faces the whole time. I could not have been happier with how both horses behaved at such a huge venue. The girls came out with a 3rd, 5th, 6th, & 7th place ribbon. Way to go!!!!  Thanks, Kelli for being so generous with your hotel room, allowing my daughter and our little stowaway, Morgan, to hang out with you all weekend!








Sara and Gus had another great dressage test which put them immediately into second place. They went double clear in both the stadium and out on xc, keeping them in second place overall in their beginner novice division.

Quinn and Elizabeth made improvements in the dressage ring this weekend and had an unfortunate rail in the stadium. They had a fantastic double clear xc round which landed them in 10th place overall in their novice division.

Woodrow and I did much better in dressage than we did at the last show. We finished 4th after dressage. We jumped around double clear in both jumping phases and finished the weekend with a 3rd place ribbon. I learned a great deal about my new young horse this weekend, and I’m looking forward to coming out strong in the spring!

Thanks to all of our parents, friends, and grooms for all of your help this weekend taking care of the horses at home and at the show.





Having a blast at Octoberfest Horse Trials!!

We are having a great….although chilly, weekend here at the Kentucky Horse Park. We have 5 horses, 5 riders, various relatives and siblings, and one stowaway that we call “Morgan”. The horses and their people have done extremely well, and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a team! Tomorrow is cross country day for Elizabeth, Sara, and me…….can’t wait.

Results from the weekend coming soon!










A beautiful day for the Wetherbrooke Farm Combined Test

Kate and Snick
Jenna and Cavalier

Today was a great day for the Wetherbrooke girls and their horses to compete in our first annual “Combined Test”. Everyone did very well in their dressage tests and their stadium jumping rounds. I was very pleased to see the progress all of our students have made over the last several months. Congratulations, to all of our students!!

Jacquie and Gezelle
Kameron and Lakin
Kameron and Lakin
Jodi and Mia
Lauren and Cavalier
Elizabeth and Quinn
Morgan and Ike / Kate and Snick
Jessica and Mia




Wetherbrooke Farm Combined Test Ride Times

Wetherbrooke Farm Combined Test
Sunday, October 20th

Groundpoles CT

1:00 Jenna Burke Cavalier Intro. Test A
1:07 Jacquie Harris Gezelle Intro. Test A

Cross Rails CT

1:15 Kate Von Handorf Snick Intro. Test B
1:22 Morgan Orme Ike Intro. Test B
1:29 Lauren Kelly Cavalier Intro. Test B
1:36 Kelli Huesman Holly Intro. Test B
1:43 Jodi Boesenberg Mia Intro. Test B


Green as Grass CT (under 2′)

2:00 Kate Von Handorf Snick Intro. Test C
2:07 Morgan Orme Ike Intro. Test C
2:14 Emily Blose Aragon Intro. Test C
2:21 Jacquie Harris Gezelle Intro. Test C

Novice CT

2:28 Jessica Orme Aragon Novice Test B
2:35 Sara Doyon Gus BN Test B
2:42 Elizabeth Montgomery Quinn Novice Test B

STADIUM JUMPING (starting at 3pm)————————————————————————————————-

Groundpoles CT
Jenna Burke Cavalier
Jacquie Harris Gezelle
Kamryn Heft Lakin
Cross Rails CT
Kate Von Handorf Snick
Morgan Orme Ike Lauren Kelly Cavalier
Kelli Huesman Holly
Jodi Boesenberg Mia

Green as Grass CT (under 2′)
Kate Von Handorf Snick
Morgan Orme Ike
Emily Blose Aragon

Novice CT ( 2’6”-3′)
Jessica Orme Aragon
Sara Doyon Gus
Elizabeth Montgomery Quinn