Christmas and such……

Christmas has come and gone……
We visited numerous relatives, ate ourselves silly, and got some really great presents. The kids were pleased with all of their gifts, and we haven’t seen Wade since Wednesday. He got a Lego castle set (all the sets!) for Christmas and refuses to leave his bedroom! The boy barely comes out for food! Meanwhile, Kate got a bunch of new horse stuff, jewelry, and clothes. She’s all set up for a fashionable winter.

This year I gave myself a gift that keeps on giving…….a bright red tractor! With the business growing, and our older equipment having problems this year, I felt the timing was right. The barn girls are excited about it as well.

We have a couple of new project horses in the barn this winter, and we are excited about getting them out to some shows in the spring. Woodrow is enjoying his long winter break, but is just about ready to get back to work!

The lesson program is taking a two week long break over the holidays, and the horses seem to be enjoying their down time. We have added several new students to the schedule, as well as a new instructor! We will be looking forward to getting back to teaching soon.

Have a happy new year, everyone!