Upcoming Wetherbrooke Farm Activities

Wetherbrooke Farm—-Upcoming Dates


5:00-7:30pm—Short parent meeting immediately afterward


5:00-7:30pm—Short parent meeting immediately afterward

Sunday, March 9th Riding Clinic/Show Team Evaluation #1 SEE SIGN UP SHEET

(rain date March 16th)

Sunday, March 23rd—Riding Clinic/Show Team Evaluation #2 SEE SIGN UP SHEET

(rain date March 30th)


(rain date April 13th)

The actual show schedule for the Dayton Local Show Circuit, combined tests, mini-horse trials, and — USEA events is not set yet.  Dates will be given to you as I figure out which shows we will be able to attend. 

New adventures are right around the corner!

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of starting an equestrian club/team at the University of Dayton. If you are a student at UD and would like to join the club, please contact us at Joy@wetherbrookefarm.com or khuesman1@udayton.edu.

In the spring, we will be building a larger indoor arena and more stalls in preparation for the new students we will need to accommodate.

More information coming soon!


2013—–a final wrap up

2013 was a year full of emotional ups and downs. It was a year marked by personal disappointment and triumph. It was a year filled with saying hello and goodbye. It marked the death of one dream, and gave me hope for a new one.

Our beloved cat, Blackie, disappeared at the very beginning of 2013. We never knew what happened to him, and I think about him every single day. I spent the winter training in Florida, where I began writing a book and failed at yet another attempt to finish an Intermediate level horse trials. My riding was the best it’s ever been, which should have been enough, but it wasn’t. It snowed for the entire month of March, making me happy that Gus had stayed an extra month in Florida with my trainer. April was filled with training, vetting, and preparation for the Virginia One Star in May. It was there that I had a beautiful dressage test and a fall that foreshadowed Gus’s retirement from the upper levels. With all of my inspiration gone, I stopped writing my book altogether. Also in May, I became the mother of a teenager and a seven year old. They are my sunshines, and each day with them is better than the last. The new kittens, though never a replacement for Blackie, joined us later that month. In June, with tears streaming down my face, I galloped Gus around our last cross country course together. A few months later, I stood proudly by as he won a first place ribbon with his new girl. I bought a new horse in July, and I named him “Woodrow F. Call”, in hopes that he would be “the one” who could take me all the way. Time will tell. In August my family ventured thousands of miles across the country to see the west, and were forced to say goodbye to our golden retriever, Em, from twenty hours away. She was only seven years old. I spent most of the summer “lost”. With Gus retired, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do this anymore. Aimless and goalless, I decided to train for my first half marathon. I ran, and I thought. Covering miles and miles and miles of pavement. In November, I completed my half marathon and put my running shoes away. Without the need to go to Florida for the winter to train, I had time to thoroughly enjoy the holidays with my family. Right after Christmas, I purchased a brand new red tractor. Maybe I have lost my mind, but it seemed like an offer I couldn’t refuse. I haven’t been on a horse since late November….and I don’t really miss it.

2014 is here, and things are beginning to change. Exciting new projects, both horses and otherwise, are on the horizon. Plans are in the works to build a big indoor arena in the spring. I have two project horses and Woodrow that are waiting patiently for me to come down to the barn dressed to ride. I’ve been working on a new business venture that could be fantastic. My family is healthy and happy. God is good. Now I just need to get on with it.