Greater Dayton Horse Trials

Today was a great day for the Wetherbrooke Girls at GDHT. Sara and Jessica put in fantastic dressage rides in their novice division. Sara and Gus won the dressage with a 27 (73%), and Jessica and Aragon finished dressage in 5th place with a 40 (60%). Both girls were awesome in stadium, but Sara got some time penalties for being a bit too slow. The girls finished in 2nd and 5th for the day.
Woodrow and I had a bit of a rough start to our dressage test……as the judge was using the dressage test from 2010 instead of 2014. I had to restart my test after some confusion. He was angry about going back in the arena, but he ended up winning the dressage on a score of 39 (61%). We had a double clear stadium round and stayed in first for the night.
Tomorrow is xc day!!!!!!








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