Fun Show Ride Times for Sunday, March 15

These times are approximate.  If you are a junior (under 14) rider, please be at the barn dressed and ready to ride by 12:30 pm Sunday.  The show will start on time at 1:00pm.  Parking will be difficult due to the wet conditions.  We will try to have parking attendants helping out on Sunday.  Please stay on the gravel when you park, as the ground is extremely soft.  Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you here Sunday!

All Intro Dressage Tests are 2011 Tests

1:00pm Alayna on Lakin (exhibition)

1:10pm Jillian on Lakin (exhibition)

1:20pm Grayden on Lakin (Intro. Test a)

1:30-1:45pm Egg and Spoon Group #1

Kameron on Cav (with a helper if needed)

Leila on Lakin (with a helper if needed)

Grayden on Ike (with a helper if needed)

1:45-2:00pm Egg and Spoon Group #2

Ella on Cav (with a helper if needed)

Alayna on Ike (with a helper if needed)

Jillian on Lakin ( with a helper if needed)

2:00pm Leila on Lakin (exhibition)

2:10pm Kameron on Lakin (exhibition)

2:20pm Ella on Lakin (Intro Test A)


Senior Riders (14 years and older)—–please be dressed and ready to ride by 2:30 in case we are running ahead of schedule.  Check in before tacking up to see where we are in the schedule.

2:45pm Kate on Snick intro C.

2:53pm Jacqui on Gezelle intro c

3:01pm Abby on Tucker intro c

3:09pm Maddy on Aragon intro c

3:18pm Brooke on Cav intro c

3:26pm Liz on Tucker intro c

3:34pm Kelli on Holly intro a

3:42pm Morgan on Ike intro c

3:50pm Eryn on Snick intro c

3:58pm Allie on Tucker intro a

4:06pm Kelli on Holly intro b

4:15pm Sara on Gus Nov A

4:23pm Rachel on Cav intro b


IHSA style dressage

4:45pm Eryn on ? Intro c

4:53pm Allie on ? Intro b

5:01pm Kate on ? Intro c

5:09pm Morgan on ? Intro c